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In Search of the Perfect Macaron


In Search of the Perfect Macaron

Amy Brace

Ah yes the French macaron. The perfect little cookie with a hard thin shell and a gooey delicious center filled with some sort of amazingness. When you bite into one it's like heaven. Close your eyes and taste the flavors as they dance across your tongue. Eating a macaron. Easy. Making a macaron.... wow what a challenge!

This is by far the most challenged I have been with a baking task. Making the meringue for the cookies, if you mix it too little they won't rise, if you mix it too much the shells will be cracked. And the egg whites. I've read they need to be left out, so they are at room temperature, or that they should be left out overnight, or that they can be old eggs, or that they should be fresh eggs, or that they can come right from your fridge and it doesn't matter at all.

And then there's the almond flour and powdered sugar. They need to be ground in a food processor to within an inch of it's little almond flour life, or you can just whisk it around for a while till it looks pretty good. And then you mix the meringue into the almond flour and powdered sugar mixture. If you mix it too little they will be giant and the shells could crack, if you mix it too much they will be runny and not come off the parchment paper.

So! Why wouldn't I try to make these seemingly impossible fancy pants treats? Because I love a challenge and I definitely have perfectionist in me. Ok, a lot of perfectionist in me. When you make them right, the batter is perfect, they spread just a touch and they come out with the perfect little feet they're supposed to have. And the flavor possibilities are endless! I LOVE them! I definitely still struggle a little with them, but soon I will be able to make batch after batch with no problem. And, hopefully ship them to any and everyone that wants/craves them!

Thanks so much for coming with me on my baking journey. I have learned so much and can't wait to make you some delicious treats!