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701 Mainstreet
Hopkins, MN, 55343
United States


Baking gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes, and other sweet treats in Hopkins, MN. We always bake from scratch with only the best ingredients. 


Cookies & Treats

Edible Raw Cookie Dough

One of the newest editions at the shoppe! We use applesauce instead of eggs, and heat treated flour for extra safety. We've perfected our recipe and have up to six flavors every day in the shoppe including: classic chocolate chip, triple chocolate, scotcharoo, peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chip and confetti. We are coming up with new flavors all the time, so be sure to check back, or give us a suggestion on what you'd love us to make!



Authentic Belgian Liege Waffles

Unlike any waffles you've had before (unless you've been to Belgian that is) these morsels of amazingness are made of a yeast bread dough with imported Belgian pearl sugar. Yes! We actually import it from Belgium. When the sugar crystals hit the waffle iron, they caramelize into little pockets of delicious. Get it on it's own for $4 or amp it up with whipped cream ($.10) or Nutella ($4.25) or both ($4.35)! Available for Waffle Wednesday and Saturdays.


Custom Sugar Cookies

Custom decorated sugar cookies are perfect for any event! Pricing begins at $3.50 per cookie and goes up from there depending on intricacy of design. We have lots of different shapes and sizes to choose from, so just let us know what you are thinking and we will make your cookies beautiful. Please fill out the Contact Us page for custom designs.

Cookie Sandwiches

Peanut butter cookie sandwiches are available for $4 each. Each sandwich includes two peanut butter cookies sandwiched together with peanut butter buttercream and salted caramel drizzle. Melt in your mouth frosting and salted caramel are the perfect combination to keep you coming back for more bites. More flavors include chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, & more!


cake pops

Cake pops are the perfect addition to any party! Customize the flavor with any of our cupcake flavors, along with the color of chocolate for the outside. Cake pops start at $3.50 each depending on intricacy of design on the outside. Call the shoppe or use our contact us page to email us. 


Rice Krispy Treats

Custom order these delicious gourmet Rice Krispy treats! Available in many flavors, but not limited to: salted caramel, chocolate, lemon, dreamsicle, vanilla bean, raspberry, almond, funfetti, cake batter and anything you can think of. Pricing starts at $2.50 each, or $3.00 dipped in chocolate. 

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls available for $4 each on Saturdays. But get them early because this ooey gooey deliciousness will only last so long. Limited rolls available as they are made fresh (which is quite the process!).


cupcake parfaits

Made with delicious cake or cupcake bits, along with fillings and frostings layered to make one delicious parfait you can't resist. Available daily for $3.50 each. Eat it with a spoon, or stick your face in the cup, we don't judge. Mini parfaits available for $2.50.


Muffins & Scones

Baked fresh in a variety of flavors for the perfect morning pick me up with a cup of City Girl Coffee. Available for custom order only. Muffins and scones $2.75.


Mini tarts & pies

Mini pies and tarts are the perfect addition to any event, and especially the holidays. Mini Pies available in classic apple, pecan, and pumpkin. Mini tarts available in flavors including: lemon, chocolate ganache, and fresh fruit. Have a favorite pie or tart flavor? We would love to try it! Starting at $3.00 each.


Mini cheesecakes

Who doesn’t love some mini cheesecakes? The perfect single serving for each guest. Flavors from classic vanilla bean to salted caramel, starting at $3.00 each.