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My First Wedding Cake!


My First Wedding Cake!

Amy Brace

Yesterday I got to deliver my first ever wedding cake! I have to say a huge thank you to Andrea and Duncan for entrusting me with the responsibility of making their wedding sweet. I made Andrea a cake that was almond cake with a mixed berry buttercream and chocolate mousse filling, covered in vanilla buttercream. I also made a cake for Duncan that was a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse filling also covered in vanilla buttercream. I tinted the buttercream to match their wedding colors, and I think it turned out great!

The fun part about it was I got to stay for the wedding and try the cake myself. The cake was moist and the flavors of the fillings really came through how I expected them to. The cakes were definitely a success and they looked great when cut. The coordinator at the Varsity Theater also complimented me on how easy the cake was to cut. I didn't know that was a thing, but I'm glad it was easy for her to cut!

The Varsity Theater is a gorgeous venue and I think the cakes fit in perfectly. With the eclectic nature of the venue, the rough design of the buttercream on the outside of the cakes was a great choice by the bride and groom. It was so great to see their faces when they saw the cake.

This has definitely opened up a whole new perspective for me. The drive from my house to the Varsity Theater seemed to take forever, and now I am intimately aware of every bump and pothole on the way there. I secured the cakes as well as I could and they all made it without a scratch on them! What a relief! When we got there the cakes were easy to put together, and I remembered to bring all the right tools to make them presentation ready. Loved it.

Thank you Andrea and Duncan for the honor of making your wedding cake!

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The beautiful bride and groom! Congratulations Andrea and Duncan

The beautiful bride and groom! Congratulations Andrea and Duncan