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Baking gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes, and other sweet treats in Hopkins, MN. We always bake from scratch with only the best ingredients. 

Target Cupcakes


Target Cupcakes

Amy Brace

I am so humbled and honored I got to work on a campaign with Target Corporate! I was asked many months ago if I could do three very specific cupcakes, and of course I said "yes!". The opportunity to be in my favorite store on the planet? Yes. Sign me up pronto! I was asked for a candy corn, bright green, and a ghost cupcake. I made them all and said my little cupcake prayers they would "make the shot". 

After what seemed like the longest day of waiting I would get texts periodically saying "you made the shot!" with a little sneak of my cupcakes in action. They are quite the talented little confections if you ask me! Three times I got the text. All three of my designs made it! Incredible. Is this for real? I hope so! Now was the hard part.....wait for months to be able to see them. 

And now here we are, Halloween season. I got a text from AJ (my fantastical friend who happens to do amazing work with Target) and she had pictures of my cupcakes on the merchandise. I imagined little tiny pictures in the circular. Nope. These cupcakes are the real deal, on tablecloths, aprons and other table decor. Real life happenings. 

I'm so excited to share these with you and I continue to be humbled by all the amazing people I meet who love my creations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm loving every minute. Here are some pictures I took of the merchandise I got from my Target this afternoon.  

And don't forget to decorate your Halloween festivities table with the real Amy's Cupcake Shoppe cupcakes. I look forward to making all your Halloween events amazing! Happy shopping and happy decorating.  


My goodies! 


Candy corn is a staple Halloween candy!


Spooky witch cupcakes


Ooooooh scary little ghosts!