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First Farmers' Market

Amy Brace

Tuesday was my first time at the Minnetonka Farmers' Market, and it was crazy, amazing, and definitely a learning experience! I was nervous because I have never done a farmers' market with cupcakes before. I have done one with my dad in past years, but it was not even close to the same. Nervous? Yup. Prepared? Yup. Sorta. 

Open and ready for business!

Open and ready for business!

I started out with almost 13 dozen cupcakes and was hoping to have not much leftover, or to hopefully sell out. I had the truck packed with everything and thought I was ready for anything. And then it poured on us. And then the tent leaked and rained on us inside the tent. And then there was a wind that almost blew all of us out of the parking lot. My little five pound weights for each corner of the tent were, the least to say, inadequate. 

I wanted to leave out packaging so people were able to see they could buy lots of cupcakes at once, but it was raining inside the tent and the wind was too fierce. So I made due. No packaging or frills, just cupcakes in a wonderful fridge. My husband came before work with a tarp and tied the tent to the truck so we wouldn't all blow away. It worked fantastic! And we were dry. By the end of the night the sun had come out, there was a live band and I had sold about 11 dozen of my cupcakes! For how crappy the weather was, we all felt pretty good. And most of us had dried off by the end of the market. 

My lovely little fridge to keep all my cupcakes nice and cool!

My lovely little fridge to keep all my cupcakes nice and cool!

Even though it was crazy, it was a great learning experience. I learned what I needed to bring for packaging, how to improve the stability of my tent, and that people really liked my cupcakes. This coming week I will be making six flavors of cupcakes, and if the weather is looking nice, I'll be making lots more cupcakes. 

I will also be making my rounds at the beginning of the market and checking out all the other vendors. I was by myself most of the market, so I wasn't able to venture out. This time I will! I have also started an email list for those who would like to join. I'll be sending a newsletter each week before the market to let everyone know flavors, and any specials happening each week at the market! I'm so excited for my next market, and feel even more prepared this time. Minnetonka has so many fun activities for families planned, I love it. Live bands and entertainment each week and hopefully better weather from here on out.  

Farmers' market perks ;)

Farmers' market perks ;)

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to visit and all those supporting me! Loving it all! Hope to see you all at the market at least once this summer. You have lots more weeks to come!