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Baking gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes, and other sweet treats in Hopkins, MN. We always bake from scratch with only the best ingredients. 

Fox 9 News Morning Show


Fox 9 News Morning Show

Amy Brace

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity I got this morning! Being on the morning show with two great anchors Leah and Cody! I was so nervous to be on TV, let alone be on TV promoting something so near and dear to me. My cupcake business is growing and growing and my networking is paying off! I received a message from Cody on Twitter letting me know if I email one of the producers of the show, I may be able to get some air time, but not guaranteed. So i did! A week later I got a response and we set a date! 

I baked cupcakes and macarons to display during the show the day before and I was ready and raring to go this morning. I'm not usually a primp and proper kind of girl, but I did hair and make up to get ready to be on TV. Props to people who do that every day, seems like a lotta work, but definitely worth it! 

I got to the studio, cupcakes and macarons in hand, and super nervous! I met with a few people after I had set up in the kitchen and everyone was really great. Not many people around on a Saturday morning at 8:00. Then I was briefed on everything that was going to happen and then I got to meet Cody and Leah! Great, amazing people. I was nervous, and then I met them, and I wasn't nervous anymore. I knew I would be able to chat with them, and really get my message across about my business. 

Originally we were all going to frost and fill cupcakes together, but we were having so much fun chatting, time got away from us. Oh well! We had a great time and they loved my cupcakes and macarons. I had a huge response on my website and even had a few orders come in right away. So excited! I am so thankful for the incredible opportunities coming my way. Stay tuned for all the fun happenings and here is the video from today's morning show! Enjoy!

All set up and ready to go!

All set up and ready to go!