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Baking gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes, and other sweet treats in Hopkins, MN. We always bake from scratch with only the best ingredients. 

Practice, practice, practice


Practice, practice, practice

Amy Brace

I have been making cupcakes and baking for many many years. Like 20 years. Yowza! Yummy cupcakes, cookies, bars and all the things that you bake when it comes to Christmas time. I've done pumpkin rolls, drop cookies, stained glass cookies and all the others. I. Love. Baking. I also love trying new things. Almost every cake I see is covered in fondant and is adorned with fun characters or flowers of some kind. 

I have done a few wedding cakes, but they were covered with buttercream. Delicious, amazing buttercream. There is something very beautiful about a cake covered in messy buttercream. But, I can't ignore all the fun character cakes, and the beautiful flower cakes. So I have been watching You-Tube and practicing everything! Like everything else; of course, it's going to take practice. But, I have to start somewhere. 

Looking on Pinterest I also became slightly obsessed with purse cakes. How much fun are those?! Just like a real purse. Beautiful and full of personality, just like their owners! I was watching a video on You-Tube and she was making little individual purses in minutes. This made everything seem so much less daunting. Yes, it's cute, but could I actually make something like that in less than 5 hours? Yup. she did it in a six minute video! Minus the baking of the cake of course. And then I watched more videos on making gum paste flowers. The first video I watched was 27 minutes long. Yikes. I'll never be able to make flowers. Next video? 4 minutes! Perfect! I can do this! It's like riding a little roller coaster of emotions, but I'm a woman, so I know how to handle those.

So, video after video I soaked up all the information I could and started playing. I've got fondant and I've got gum paste. Once you understand the medium you are working with, you feel like a ninja. Master of your craft. You can conquer anything! Pretty much the same feeling when I'm holding a glue gun. You can make anything with a glue gun. Just look on Pinterest. 

So, here are my adventures in gum paste and fondant for the day! With more practice I'm sure I will make more intricate flowers and venture into fondant characters. Little by little I will get there!