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Baking gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes, and other sweet treats in Hopkins, MN. We always bake from scratch with only the best ingredients. 

To ship or not to ship!


To ship or not to ship!

Amy Brace

Today I sent out three boxes of macarons and a four pack of cupcakes. I feel like I really wrapped up them up so they will ship and arrive still pretty and in one piece, but we will see! I sent a box of macarons to my grandparents, my great aunt and my great friend Nikki! So the macarons are on their way to Arizona, California and New York. Just trying to cover the country. I sent them all priority mail and it was $6 to ship each one.

I also sent a four pack of cupcakes. I tried a little dot of frosting on the bottom of the cupcake wrapper to help keep them in place and the container came right to the top of the frosting, so hopefully that will keep them in place as well! Everything should be arriving on Thursday. Hopefully pictures of tasty treats all in one piece will be flocking in!

I will definitely offer shipping to everyone if all goes well. Caleigh was a trooper while we made sure everything was packaged carefully at the post office, so when we got home we shared a tasty pomegranate cupcake! Thanks so much for your support and I am excited for everything that's to come. Wishing you all a sweet Tuesday!